The National Marian Mantle Group

 "Do whatever He tells you."   Jn 2:5

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How Marian Mantle Group Came To Be

A mother's heart ached because a grown child had ceased to be a practicing Catholic. She and her husband searched for a way to bring their child back to the Church but the answers were not easily found since a grown man's life is his own.

As they prayed, they met parents, grandparents, and many others with the same heartache. The mother began to realize that in the midst of what seemed to be an impossible situation, through the grace of God and the leading of His Mother, she found herself reaching out to other parents who also hurt. The result is Marian Mantle Group - a group of Catholic parents dedicated to helping each other, and other parents with our same heartaches, to rest in the peace of the Lord while we join together in prayer for all our grown children Our goal is to work and pray together in the hope that every Catholic mother and father will someday see the return of their prodigals to Holy Mother Church.

A Message from the MM Editor

Marian Mantle Group is a not-for-profit organization registered with the State of Kansas.