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 "Do whatever He tells you."   Jn 2:5

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"Come Find Your Silent Strength" Series
by MaryAnn Gardner

Because YOU Requested It!
Now in audio

"Silent Strength:  Has Someone You Love Left the Church?"

(A presentation of hope, help, and positive action for those who pray for a loved one's return to the practice of the Catholic Faith)

"Silent Strength:  Has Anyone Seen My Hula Hoop?"

(Making Intercessory Prayer for Our Prodigal Catholics More Effective)

"Silent Strength:  Be Not Afraid"

(The Influence of John Paul II on our Prayer for Prodigal Catholics)

"Rosary Novena to O Sorrows For the Returur Lady ofn of Our Loved Ones to the Practice of the Catholic Faith"

(From the
Prayers for Prodigals Series)

"It's time to stop listening to those who tells us it's hopeless, and that we're helpless!"  ~excerpt from "Silent Strength"



"When praying especially for our beloved prodigal Catholics, we need to be careful with our prayer and pray just a little differently than our normal prayer of intercession."  ~excerpt from "Hula Hoop"

"In Scripture, the Lord continually tells His people to 'not be afraid, to fear not.'  It must be a message the Lord wants us to take to heart."  ~excerpt from "Be Not Aftraid"

You can pray the rosary novena with members of the Marian Mantle Group every day in your home or in your car.


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"Grace Within Her Tears"

(Those who pray for prodigal Catholics may find help and comfort when meditating on the 7 Sorrows of Mary)

"Prayer, Prodigals and Peace"


(Three requests of Mary)

"It is in Maryís suffering |and her sorrow that we... find ourselves.  Mary is a real human being who lived, loved, laughed, and cried just as we do."

"Mary shows us that her motherís heart empathizes with all who pray for the conversion of their loved ones... What a beautiful promise to [all] who shares the heartache of a loved one who is no longer a practicing Catholic.  Mary says, "I shall convert Sinners."  

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